Fix windows 8 mapped drive issue

I recently started using windows 8.1 in my office. Setup a brand new laptop with windows 8.1 and installed all apps, joined to domain.

Everything was looking great until I tried logging in to the computer as a domain user. Every user gets a mapped drive from my Windows 2008 DC which uses a Netapp filer. In this case, I could see mapped drive, and open that to see all sub folders, but when i tried accessing the folder, got an error “an unexpected error occurred”.

To double check, I accessed the Netapp filer directly, but then started getting “permission denied” error.

With Windows server 2012 and Windows 8, Secure dialect negotiation is introduced in SMB 3.0. This feature depends upon the correct signing of error responses by all SMBv2 servers, including servers that support only protocol versions 2.0 and 2.1. Some third-party file servers do not return a signed error response. Therefore, the connection fails

After hours of searching and testing, finally found the solution.

To fix this issue, open up command prompt as administrator and run the below powershell command:

powershell.exe Set-SmbClientConfiguration -RequireSecuritySignature $true

Reboot the computer and I could browse and access all files/folders without issues.


Use Roku3 outside the US to watch netflix & hulu plus

Roku3 is the newest addition to my gadget collection!

My Boxeebox was getting slower and I was looking for a new alternative with latest features. Did an extensive research on this and finally I had to choose between Google’s Chromecast Vs Roku3 and Roku3 was a clear winner mainly due to its awesome in-ear headphones option which I really need as I share my room with another guy and this is a real killer deal for me.

So ordered my Roku3 from Amazon and within a week, I got my device.

Here’s my recipe for watching Netflix outside the US using Roku3.

  1. VPN: (PIA)- $39.95 / year, the best VPN service I’ve ever used! PIA Supports up to 5 users (Supports a wide range of platforms:Android, iOS, MAC, Windows, Ubuntu, DD-WRT routers etc), fully anonymous, No activity logs stored, easy setup
  2. Internet Sharing on my MAC: Free (Inbuilt with MAC)
  3. VPN Auto connect : $0.99
  4. Netflix subscription: $7.99 a month


  1. Purchase PIA and setup the VPN either on your router/MAC/Windows. If on router, all your locally connected devices to the router now have access to any US content, but here I will be using this with a MAC.
  2. I didn’t wanted to use the VPN on the router level. Instead of using the default MAC VPN client from PIA, I used the L2TP/IPSec setup, so that I could select that VPN for Internet Sharing from MAC to Roku3. Once the VPN is connected on my MAC, one thing I noticed was sometimes, the VPN connection gets dropped. To fix this issue I used VPN Autoconnect
  3. VPN Auto Connect is a tiny tool which, once installed and after selecting your preferred VPN connection which is setup already, watches for any connection drops and connects back to the VPN instantly and automatically
  4. Use the MAC’s inbuilt “Internet Sharing” option, select the VPN connection to share and use the WiFi option
    MAC Internet Sharing
  5. Connect your Roku to this newly created wifi and proceed with the initial setup. You just need to give any US address (freely available on the internet) and add your local banking card details for any app purchases. And Voila! Enjoy all US apps from your new Roku3
photo 5

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